Painting partnerships Federation Green

How governments and academics could work together.

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The perfect public policy storm

Navigating the choppy waters of voter acceptance.

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Carbon stock accounting in Australia

Judith Ajani proposes a move toward a comprehensive and fully integrated stock and flow framework for carbon accounting in Australia.

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Learning the lessons for success

Plugging into existing networks to improve R&D.

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National culture and public policy

Katherine Daniell finds there is a need for a ‘cultural turn’ in public policy to lead to the development of more culturally-aware public policy both in Australia and internationally.

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HC Coombs Policy Forum

The HC Coombs Policy Forum is a strategic collaboration between the Australian Government and ANU, at the Crawford School of Public Policy. It focuses on supporting policy-relevant exploratory and experimental work at the interface between government and academia. » read more

Policy Research Programs (PRPs)

The HC Coombs Policy Forum runs an integrated set of forward-looking Policy Research Programs (PRPs) on key policy challenges facing Australia.


This PRP draws on international comparative studies and analyses based on the ‘Intergenerational Report’ to explore and identify the roles of business, skills and education, workplace reforms and innovation, both public and private, in enhancing Australia’s long-term economic productivity.

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Science, technology and public policy
Science, technology and public policy

Working in partnership with government and researchers from a wide range of disciplines, this PRP examines both ‘policy for science’ and ‘science for policy’ questions, for example measuring the impacts of public investments in research and the role of science as an input to policy.

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Policy futuers
Policy futures

Research on emerging trends and themes in Australian society and cross-sectoral consultation inform this PRP’s development of plausible futures for the nation. These scenarios will be used to test the rigour of current policy settings and to prepare for possible future policy challenges.

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Social policy, participation and population
Social Policy and Participation

This PRP supports policy development on workforce participation, alongside an examination of new social policy approaches and perspectives. It draws on domestic and international research and aims to broaden understanding of Australia’s workforce participation challenge and how future policy can meet both social and economic objectives.

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Future forum
Future forum

Does our prosperity depend on immigration?

As a ‘settler country’, immigration has played a massive role in crafting the Australia of today. Today, however, the issue proves as divisive as ever. What role should permanent and temporary migrants, skilled and unskilled, play in Australian society in the context of our ageing workforce? How well do humanitarian migrants, such as refugees and asylum seekers, integrate into society? Can Australia’s environment sustain a larger population in the long run? These questions, and many more, are debated on Future Forum.

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